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Heidi DeLoveh, PhD

Most of us struggle from time to time. Sometimes we are able to work through this struggle on our own or with support from family and friends. Other times, however, we remain “stuck” in that struggle and need assistance from a professional outside of our daily lives. Most of my clients are wrestling with a combination of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or coping with the impact of traumatic events. Some are struggling to identify what is most important or meaningful in their lives. Others are clear about their values and goals, but struggle with the barriers of fear, avoidance, or doubt. In therapy, I aim to provide a sense of acceptance, understanding, and challenge that encourages you to make the changes you want for yourself.


I am trained as a generalist clinician, but have also specialized in the needs of women and trauma survivors throughout my career. These concerns frequently intersect with other concerns, such as anxiety and depression. My treatment approach is integrative, culturally sensitive, and trauma informed. I am also trained in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD as well as mindfulness interventions (e.g. ACT and DBT).

My interest in working with women, and with trauma survivors in particular, began when I earned my BA in Women’s Studies from OSU. Since then, I worked as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault (SA) and intimate partner violence (IPV), completed my master’s and doctorate degrees, and conducted research on SA and IPV. My most recent position before starting private practice was as a trauma specialist at OSU’s Counseling and Consultation Service where I provided individual psychotherapy to university students with a specific focus on those who experienced trauma, including sexual violence, assault, or harassment. 


  • PhD in clinical psychology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.
  • MPhil in psychology from the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland
  • BA in women’s studies from the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH
  • BFA in photography from the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH

Professional Memberships

  • Ohio Psychological Association
  • National Register of Health Service Psychologists
  • Association for Contextual Behavioral Science